the Cave | Thesis Form Analog

in collaboration with Aly Rodgers

This analog is a study in the re-appropriation of value into everyday objects and activities.  The act of lighting a candle is reconsidered into a transcendent experience; the Cave is an exploration in ritual, awareness and participation.  The entire piece is created from refuse, assembled into a sculptural object; addressing the ideas of neglect and discarding the unwanted.  The celebration of the journey of the candle’s wax calls attention to something that is normally lost without notice.  The method of collection and the promotion of user interaction to view the wax sculpture, intimately involves the user.  The collection box provides an enclosure that appeals to the user on a primitive level and reads in many scales.  The juxtaposition of the cool metal exterior and the warm wood heart, the raw industrial frame and the precise wooden box; further emphasizes this idea of transformation, change and shift in perspective.


-Castoff steel rod and plate

-Found steel triangles

-Reclaimed walnut